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Brain Drill

Now how can you not like a Death Metal band with a name like Brain Drill. Beyond the name however is a techinical band with a unique sound.

Quantam Catastrophe the bands latest album which hits the shelf tomorrow is a unique blend of pure technical Death Metal with great hooks. The music is powerful but also has enough breaks and changes to prevent monotony.

I like this album and I would highly recommend it for a break in the typical Death Metal Sound. Recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA with Zach Ohren the sound is ripping, powerful and catchy!

Check it out!


Quantum Catastrophe

Dylan Ruskin - guitar
Steve Rathjen - vocals
Ivan Munguia - bass
Ron Casey - drums

Through combining pure savagery, an exceptional level of musicianship, and catchy yet face-melting riffs, BRAIN DRILL produces a truly innovative and captivating brand of death metal that is not often seen. BRAIN DRILL proves that death metal can be technical yet catchy, vicious yet cultured, intricate yet completely listenable. Upon pressing play, listeners will be annihilated by the speed and dexterity of the drumming, the labyrinthine riffs and technique of both the bassist and guitarist, and devastated by vocalists Steve Rathjen’s combination of low growls and blistering screams.

2010 sees the release of BRAIN DRILL’s sophomore release, Quantum Catastrophe,which hits streets on May 11th and will undoubtedly be met by great praise by fans and media alike. The band will again take fans on a mind-melting voyage through the boundaries of exactly how incredible technical death metal can be. Quantum Catastrophe continues to push the band to their physical limits while somehow still exhibiting their trademark and infectious hook-laden riffs. Fan should expect an exponentially more technical and brutal release than they got with the band’s Metal Blade debut Apocalyptic Feasting. The song structures are way more over the top than before and the riffs catchier than before, which was a natural progression for the band as BRAIN DRILL’s goal is to push the limits of what they can do musically and technically. With Quantum Catastrophe, BRAIN DRILL truly does push themselves to the limits.

Here’s what Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, bassist for one of the all time top selling death metal bands, has to say about Brain Drill: "BRAIN DRILL are one of the most musically over the top bands I have ever heard. They are truly raising the bar for technicality, velocity, and overall extremity in death metal.” Coming from one of death metal’s most successful and technically proficient bass players, that is really saying something.

Quantum Catastrophe was recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios in Oakland, CA with Zach Ohren, who handled engineering mastering and produced the album along with the band. Bassist Ivan Munguia got to show off his guitar skills on the tracks “Mercy to None” and “Awaiting Imminent Destruction” which he wrote and recorded.

Vocalist Steve Rathjen explains the concept behind Quantum Catastrophe; “Universal decimation (black holes, galactic cosmic radiation), pandemic disease and zombie re-awakenings - mankind is entering an age of mass speculation as foreseen by numerous ancient cultures. Space to all humanity still primarily remains a mystery even in our days of immense technological advancements. We know this void is filled with infinite extremities which could occur at any instant; easily decimating all habitations. We also know our planet has fulfilled these mass extinctions time and again centuries in the past. The question which remains, are we due for another apocalyptic transition?”

Guitarist Dylan Ruskin adds some insight into the musical process; “The album was definitely a huge accomplishment in the chronicling of the drill. The musical dynamics and skill level of everyone in the band have improved much more than the previous album. The songs are more technical and musically diverse but are also well balanced and catchy.”

Quantum Catastrophe again features cover art by Par Olofsson. The over the top cover art perfectly complements the nearly unbelievable musicianship present on the record.

To date BRAIN DRILL has shared the stage with bands such as: Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, The Black Dahlia Murder, Necrophagist, Job for a Cowboy, Unmerciful, All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth, and many other extreme metal bands. In addition BRAIN DRILL has also managed to land the #1 spot on the MySpace grindcore band charts and #7 on the MySpace death metal charts. Currently, BRAIN DRILL is hard at work on the follow up to 2008’s highly acclaimed Apocalyptic Feasting.




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