Bobarosa Saloon

Ole Skip here, took another of many rides this past week. This time my destination was BOBAROSA BIKER BAR, just east of Newport, Tn. on US Hwy 70. I stopped off in the historic town of Dandridge, Tn. (Second oldest town in the State) to rest a minute and take in some food at SMOKY'S BBQ. If you find yourself in Dandridge, Tn and are looking to take in excellent BBQ, This IS the place. Really friendly staff too. I even stopped in to the Jefferson County Courthouse and looked at their amazing archive of historic items in the museum there. It is a treat and I would reccommend that to anyone as well, and it is right across the street from SMOKY'S BBQ.

After eating and partaking a bit in the cemetery, (leave it to me), I decided to press on down to BOBAROSA and take in the scene. Now folks, this is a true BIKER BAR. The setting is phenomenal, as it sits on the banks of the French Broad River (she musta been special to get a river named after her) and has the most water front decking I have ever seen. The facilities include a campground, a band stage, a leather and apparel shop, THE BAR, tons of parking (NO Cages![cars]), and even some exotic pets for sale on this latest visit. The place has that "Bad Boy/Girl" edge to it that epitomizes a biker bar and it's real. I love these environments, especially since I quit drinking. Not that there's anything wrong with others drinking, it's just ole Skip here that's most likely to turn into a full blown event of under the influence. I say "since I quit drinking" because this is a REAL Biker Bar and manners, or at least knowledge of the code, is a must if you want to have a good experience. It's not at all threatening though and the scenery is just plain GORGEOUS as you can see in the pics. They have events all the time at this "Biker's Paradise" and want you all to come down and enjoy the Food, Drink, Fun and Festivities at your ealiest convenience. Skip gives this place major HORNS.
HB Skip


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