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Black Water Rising



Skip had the recent privilege of interviewing ROB TRAYNOR, front man for BLACK WATER RISING. The following is a very close approximation of that conversation. We would, very much. Like to thank Rob and his entire support crew for taking some time for us TWISTED HILLBILLIES !!!!

Q: I notice in your music, certain anti-religion statements that seem aimed at the Christian belief. Is it a blanket type statement?

A: (Rob) No, not so much a blanket statement, but one certainly aimed at the fundamentalist majority that reside in that system. The judgmental types that stand on rules they don’t follow, but apply to everyone else. Those who spout out bits of a message while missing the “meat” of it. In short....the NON-THINKING Christians, which is most of them. (Skip here; I am a Christian and could not agree more!)

Q: I also noticed that there are some political overtones to a few of the tracks. Are you coming from an ideological stand point, or is the message more “issues” driven?

A: Way more issue driven. It’s hard to fit into any present political stance if you’re a real person. I write about the stuff I see. I’m not 17 years old, so I can’t write about being 17 and pissed off (a mystery as to why for sure:)Can’t write about being broken hearted, because I am SOOOO not broken hearted, so I write about what affects me...... and all of us.

Q: What was happening with you before this latest project, BLACK WATER RISING?

A: I was involved in another project named DUST TO DUST. It was an Ambient, Progressive, Metal style of music that was quite well followed at the time.

Q: When did BLACK WATER RISING actually launch?

A: About 3 years ago (2007). I came together with some other fellas, to include the former STEREOMUD Guitarist JOHN FATTARUSO, LD/50 Bassist ODDIE McLAUGHLIN, and BOILER ROOM Drummer, MIKE MESELSON. Our goal was to do a new sound with familiar etchings that would take on the effect of AUDIOSLAVE........ON STEROIDS !!!! The beauty in all this is that after years of trying (too hard) we have created something  that flows out of us so easily, it feels like NOT EVEN TRYING. (That’s the sweet spot and “when a plan comes together”, just gotta love it [Skip] :)

Q: On a personal note, anybody married in the bunch?

A: ME ! That’s it, just me and like I said, “Can’t sing about being “heart broken”. Got a couple of kids, a Boy and a Girl. Now, Mike is about to be “Off the market” later in the year. But for now, just me.



Q: If you had to pick one Band that “Lit Your Fuse” who would you say ?

A: SABBATH, That would be the ONE if I had to pick..

Q: I know you are touring your latest work, the self titled album BLACK WATER RISING, but have      you got anything lined up in the way of an upcoming album ?

A: We have new material in the works and for those who catch us on this tour, we are playing some of the music live. The fans seem to love it. Some even like it a bit more than our present playlist.(An encouraging thing as it is a sure sign of progress from an already great body of work.)

Q: Are you guys seeking any major label association ?

A: NOPE. We really like the control we have with our material and the truth is, when you get with a major label, you’ve immediately get a treated like a Milk Carton, they stamp an EXPIRATION DATE on you and it feels like your days are just winding down instead of moving ever forward.

Q: One last question. This one always interests me. Who do YOU listen to these days?

A: Lately I’ve been listening to CROOKED VULTURES, FEAR FACTORY and the new DEFTONES .

Skip:Well brother, thanks a lot for your time and best wishes on the rest of the tour and the new album project. Moe and I are BIG FANS and we’ll continue to track ya as you pass through time and space with us. Thanks for the SWEET SOUNDS and keep up that magic formula of Connecting with the Fans !!!





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