Barnyard Stompers

We had the great opportunity recently to check out a band that is so far down our alley we could call them kin.

The Barynyard Stompers play pure old fashion outlaw country music which takes you back to a time when country music was real. If you get a chance to check them I highly suggest that you dont miss the opportunity.


Casey Miller and Megan Wise are the Outlaw Country power duo known as Barnyard Stompers and one of the only true purveyors of this form of music. Forget about every other two-piece band you've ever experienced. Barnyard Stompers is not a novelty act! Never before has a two-piece band made so much noise or made such honest music. If you miss Country with balls and true grit and you're tired of New York/L.A./Nashville Pop music and want to hear Country like it's supposed to be played, the Stompers are exactly what you're looking for. Barnyard Stompers are straight-up Outlaw Country assassins who perform the rowdiest, rawest, toughest Country music you have ever heard. Never pandering to the easily-led masses, BS combine old school Honky-Tonk, Dirty Blues and Southern Rock to create a style of Outlaw Country that is all their own. The Stompers hold true to their Country heroes as they express outright anger at what their music has become. A guitar, a voice, a harmonica and a hard-driving beat are the only weapons this band needs to combat the mainstream Pop Country plague that is currently polluting the airwaves and Honky-Tonk bars of America. Never asleep on the job, Barnyard Stompers have released three full-length records including their most recent release, Highway Gospel, and have performed over 500 shows throughout the U.S. and Europe, sharing the stage with such acts as Whitey Morgan, Scott H. Biram, Roger Alan Wade and more true Country artists than you could shake a stick at.












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