We recently caught up with a wicked metal band from Alabama known as AZ.

The sound is heavy mixed with melodic vocals but packed with tense aggression that has been bottled and waiting to explode.

The heavy and dark riffs are sliced open by melodic vocals and power punched drums.

Kick back and enjoy a tune as we look forward to our upcoming interview slated for Issue 23.











AZ has a high energy blistering live show supported by heavy guitar and
bass riffs locked in with syncopated drum beats and fronted by catchy
melodic vocal lines and thick harmonies. You cant get this stuff out of
your head!
A.Z. IS Wall-to-wall heaviness. Hard rock and heavy metal fans will find
plenty to adore in AZ's music, plenty of reasons to raise the horn fingers.
Exquisite guitar riffs, metallic melodies and blazing musical energy all
come blistering out of the speakers in a fury of rock-n-roll. Who Writes
Who?- "Let the song write you!" declares A.Z., asserting its creative
philosophy. Simply open up and let the music channel through. Trust
your talent. Be a portal through which music works its wonders. It's
worked well for A.Z., whose engaging bursts of heavy metal knock
speakers out of their parent sound systems and resonate with vibrant rock
power. A.Z.'s music is alive with its signature sound, offering a dose of
goodness for fans of hard music everywhere and tossing in generous
amounts of originality in the process. It's all a part of the plan. "You are
gonna have your own particular style," says A.Z. of the creative process,
"but don't be afraid to step outside the box." What You Know- And
besides captivating music and instrumentation, A.Z. is also full of thriving
ideas conveyed via a lyrical edge that sets them apart. Culling directly
from personal life to find inspiration for its songs, the band creates music
full of ideas with which all listeners can find something in common. "We
write about what we know," says A.Z. "In time, that will keep expanding."
The Artist at Work- A.Z. has garnered radio play throughout the southeast
and has opened for Rehab multiple times. More touring is in line to finish
out the year but the real drive is going to be behind a new CD. "We've got
a few shows left this year, but we're really gonna focus on getting a new
album out." Writing is hitting a peak and recording is slated to commence
soon. A.Z. anticipates having the new album ready by spring 2010. In the
end, says A.Z., "We're just four ordinary guys trying to do extraordinary
things." Hard rock, metal, whatever you want to call it, A.Z.'s music is
about making heavy music with heavy ideas that strike a chord with rock

fans everywhere.

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