Arma Gathas

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Arma Gathas

Founded as a project by Simon Füllemann Arma Gathas is a brutal sounded and skull pounded unique metal band.

With Lyrics rooted in rage and guitars that crack your spinal reflexes the sound is one that metal heads will truly enjoy. With almost punk like driving thrash drums the band gets way up in your face.

The sound is one of simple brutal metal and it brings back a sound that has been lacking for quite some time. Pure guitar thrash metal and lots of it!

But hey dont take my word take a listen to the hillbily player and decided for yourself. I personally hope to hear a lot more Arma Gathas and soon!

Check out their new release Dead to This World just released in April on Metal Blade Records!

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Photography by Cindy Frey



ARMA GATHAS was founded by Simon Füllemann (founding member of Cataract, Mine, Damage ID and Armicide) towards the end of 2006. Born as a project to fulfill Simon Füllemann’s artistic visions, it took a long and winding road to find the right collective to make the songs as powerful as possible. Over three dozen songs were written over the past three years; many of which were recorded and demoed all over the planet (with, for example, Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying) to find the best tuning, mood and pace possible, to bring Füllemann’s artistic visions come alive.

In early 2009, Simon Füllemann and Ché Snelting (founding ex-member of Born From Pain) got together to talk about finally being in a band together. Soon, after hearing the songs and musical concept, Che’s passion was reinvigorated. Joined by lead guitarist Marc Niedersberg (Machinemade God, Cornelius), 20-year old drum talent Max van Winkelhof (ex-Disloyal), and in January 2010 the lineup was rounded out by Alex “Lahnsteiner” Härtel on bass to deliver more heaviness to the songs.
The collective came together to form the perfect team to give birth to the 13 songs that will appear on the album.

The idea behind ARMA GATHAS was to define a new outlet for Simon Füllemann’s and Ché Snelting’s creativity and passion for what they love most: music. The name ARMA GATHAS symbolizes everything this band stands for: DIY mentality, individuality, creativity and passion.

Since the formation in early 2009, ARMA GATHAS has been one of the most “rumored” bands in underground metal. They’ve evolved from a project into a premier metal outfit. Thirteen brutal, atmospheric, apocalyptic songs were written and brought to life to form Dead To This World; a concept record composed by Simon Füllemann with vocalist Ché Snelting’s lyrical concepts. Snelting adds, “To me the lyrics tell a story, however the lyrics should stand on their own feet apart from the story. This record basically is a concept record – lyrically & musically - with every song and lyric just as important as any other song on this record.”

No boundaries were set during the writing process: heavy huitars, solos, synths, recordings of their own vital organs for sampling, experimenting with different drum beats and drumfills – this record brings something new to heavy music and nothing was off limits. “Both protagonists live up to our talents and passion like never before. Three of the 13 songs were written as instrumentals, connecting the sheer brutality and groove with an atmospheric and darker side of ARMA GATHAS”, says Simon Füllemann.

In October 2009, ARMA GATHAS entered the studio with Füllemann at the helm as executive producer and producer/engineer Sky v Hoff (Caliban, Machinemade God), to record Dead To This World. Sky v Hoff handled the final mix of the album in November of 2009. In December, Simon Füllemann flew to New York, to the West West Side Mastering studios where mastering was done together with the legendary Alan Douches. The cover artwork & layout concept was created by none other than Thomas Ewerhard (Amon Amarth, Brainstorm) together with Simon Füllemann to give the songs the packaging they needed and deserved.

Dead To This World is blessed with a unique, crushing sound and will be unleashed onto humanity in late April of 2010. Thirteen tracks of the band’s own characteristic sound - storming, grooving, violent METAL in the vein of ENTOMBED, BOLT THROWER, MACHINE HEAD mixed with PUNK/HARDCORE icons like TRAGEDY, INTEGRITY, HIS HERO IS GONE, HATEBREED, MERAUDER, WOLFBRIGADE and even NEUROSIS. This is ARMA GATHAS.

Ché Snelting - Vocals
Simon Füllemann - Guitar
Marc Niedersberg - Guitar
Alex "Lahnsteiner" Härtel - Bass
Max van Winkelhof - Drums



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