We got a chance this week to sit down with one of the most wicked up and coming metal bands around.

ARES whose new release DAWN OF DESTRUCTION is making a sharp climb in the underground metal community, is a complex and engergetic Thrash Metal band that a true hillbilly cannot help but to enjoy!

I hope you enjoy our twisted discusssion (below)

Moe Hillbilly



For more information check the sites: www. myspace. com/aresfl
www. darkharvestrecords. com


Dawn of Destruction
$11. 99

First fellas a big howdy from the hillbillies tell us a little about Dawn of Destruction and the process you guys followed to get this wicked Thrash Sound?

Greetings Hillbillies from the Ares Klan! Dawn of Destruction was our debut effort. We wrote songs within a time span of 2-3 years for this record. We were young guns who had just met during our first year of high school and were eager to explode into the music scene. Our sound developed by listening to the classics i.e. Slayer, Pantera, Vader.


Tell me a little about how you guys got hooked on Thrash/Death Metal?

Thrash/Death metal always peaked our interest. As we progressed, this disgusting form of music was the only style that satisfied our crave of technicality and power. We're definitely a band that wants to push the envelope.


I see you guys are touring heavy in February and June how do you prepare yourself to hit the long metal road?

We would say, the best way to prepare to hit the road is to pick up a carton of smokes and save a lot of quarters for laundry. Of course practice and gas money helps too.


Who first "set you off" musically? (each of you)

For Justin (guitar) and myself (Glenn- guitar/vocals) it would be Metallica. Their early recordings had all the pieces one could ask for. As for Brian (bass) and Matt (drums), Rammstein has been a staple in the play list since they were 7.


A standard Twisted Hillbilly Question- 357 Magnum or 45 what would
be your preference?

All of us here in Ares would say, hands down, 357 Magnum. Power and convenience, at the expense of a little mess....


You guys have a great fan base what message would you like to send the metal heads out in Twisted Hillbilly land?

Our message to the people and future fans... Do not be ashamed of getting your hands dirty. Our music is grimy and will make you feel disgusting. Balls to the Wall


Ok another standard Hillbilly Question what’s the wicked thing you guys have done on the road so far?

Shows are always different... Sometimes the alcohol plays a mean role. People lose shoes, get into fights, and puke in the middle of the set. It's all great! Metal will be metal. We jam our asses off and do whatever we can to give the people their monies worth.


You guys have a raw thrash that reminds me of the older days of Testament and Slayer how did you guys arrive at this sound?

We've always enjoyed the older style. There are a few bands that we listen to that are relatively new but it's just not the same. Our sound has definitely matured over the years. It started off like most... Alot of influence based music. We wanted to bring back an older sound that everyone seemed to enjoy. A sound that seemed to become lost in the realm of "hardcore" and "metalcore" music. That's not the kind of men we are... So were looking to make our own dent in the classic thrash metal scene.

Love Ares



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