Anson Carter

This month we ran across a good ole country boy named Anson Carter. His music is hillbilly and it is in your face. It is the best up and coming country music I have heard in some time.

Now I know we rarely do country music here on the TH mag site but we felt it was time to do some cross over from the country magazine and give you folks a chance to check out some of the great stuff going on.

Anson Carter is the real deal and I hope you will kick back pop the top and enjoy some fresh country tunes Texas style.

I am certain our Texas correspondant Rance Carver will be proud of me!

Moe Hillbilly

Photos By Melissa Webb

Location: Kingwood, TX, USA
Description: Fun, energetic, contemporary honky tonk music
Biography: Anson Carter is a maverick, which is to be expected. He’s a Texan after all, and like most Texans, he’s full of contradictions. He’s a serious artist who dresses in black, but his smile is as wide as the Rio Grande. He drives to dance hall gigs in a pick up truck, but he’s just as likely to wrangle up his fans on the Internet with a website and social network pages. He can belt out a country song with enough power to blow the mud flaps off a semi, then turn around and strum an acoustic love song that’ll bring a lump to your throat. His songs make you want to drink, dance and have a good time, but there’s a heart and soul in his music that lets you know he’s the real deal.
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