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Annie Christ

If you are an underground band, chances are Annie Christ could be your best friend. Working tirelessly on multiple formats on a daily basis in multiple formats, Annie is tireless in her pursuit of spreading the demented gospel.

Annie is from first hand experience an entertaining and engaging host and has a great ear for underground music. She has some great interview questions and engages bands in subjects well beyond the usual norm.

So all you underground bands and fans check her out, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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You would think that Annie Christ would be happy with one metal radio show, but when it comes to promoting the underground, this chick has it all covered.  Annie Christ currently hosts three shows, two of which are live.   

“Both live shows are simulcast live on my Ustream video channel so that people can see behind the scenes of an internet radio show.  Every Monday, from 4-6 pm (central) my original show, Metal Monday, airs on Blog Talk Radio and then later that same evening from 8-10 pm (central) my show Metal Command airs live on Brutal Existence Radio. My pre-recorded show, Annie Christ’s Metal Mission, is for the UK website, Basement Sound, and is available through their website for free any time.” 

When Annie is not hosting metal radio, she’s writing a book on the sometimes tragic and always interesting life of Mike IX Williams of eyehategod.  The project came about after several conversations between the two on what influenced Williams’  poetry in his book, Cancer as a Social Activity.   

And as if she isn’t busy enough, Annie is also planning a heavy metal conference to be held in New Orleans later this year with Ryan McKern (of Wolvhammer and the guilt of).   

For more information on Annie Christ’s shows, please got to her website:








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