A New Dawn







Tale of the Stage:

A New Dawn

Location: Netherlands

Usual Suspects:

Vocals- Sanne

Vocals- Jamila

Guitar- Elbert

Guitar- Willern

Bass- Monica

Drums- Peter



On a rare occasion I come across a band that blows my mind and reengerzise my soul. Such is the case with a group I discovered in the Netherlands called A New Dawn. Fronted by two female lead singers the band plays a mix of symphonic metal and death metal that is powerful and mind stimulating. Backed by some of the best metal guitars I have heard in sometime and a powerful bone crushing metal sound this is definitely a band a true metal fan will want to check out. I personally will be adding them to my daily drive playlist as the agression and power of the music is perfect for freeway acceleration. Kick back and listen to the page player and see if you don't find yourself a converted fans as well. Go get their new album "Fall from Grace"!







A New Dawn
Double Female Fronted Metal


Once started as a side-project in 2005, nowadays A New Dawn is solid band. 3 guys and 3 girls with their own view on how to make metal. Gothic is just a fragment of the music A New Dawn makes, add a lot of heavy metal, some prog, a bit of thrash and a few drops of soul. The result is called: "Double Female Fronted Metal".

Next to this the band has two front ladies combining classical with pop singing and there’s also the deep grunts from the female grunter/bassist.

A New Dawn has shared the stage with bands like Delain, Battlelore, Autumn and After Forever & Epica. Also the band did shows on the Summer Darkness and Heavy X-mass festival and several international gigs in Belgium and Germany.

The steady growth of A New Dawn continues to be a fact. A New Dawn proves to be ready for the next big step with the release of their debut album "Falling from Grace in May 2008.


Sanne Kluiters - Vocals
Jamila Ifzaren - Vocals
Willem Cremer - Guitar
Elbert de Hoog - Guitar



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