"The Black Godfather" Andre Williams




This month we salute Andre Williams whom after 50 years is showing no sign of slowing down in his quest for the best music made. Andre's music is true in your face and lacks sugarcoating to the point where you must admire its truthfullness and soul. The self proclaimed title "The Black Godfather" is insufficient in describing the influence and power this man has brought to music. I must admit I am relatively new to Andre's music and only ran across him by checking out a Powersolo song entiled Hillbilly Child. What I discovered however was a rich powerful music which makes no compromises and leaves nothing on the table. If you like Twisted Music you owe it to yourself to discover the genius and power that is Andre Williams.

Moe Hillbilly





With a mind-boggling 50-year career in the music business, 70-year old Andre Williams is showing no signs of slowing down. The original rapper and R&B performer returns to his soulful roots on Aphrodisiac, enlisting the Diplomats of Solid Sound as his backing band on this diverse an adventurous offering. Hints of blues, rock, R&B, rap and soul fill the grooves of this release that flows seamlessly from start to finish. Andres voice never sounded better as he tackles topics ranging from alcoholism (Im Not Worthy), Hurricane Katrina (Thee Sisters), rejection (I Can See), and love (Do You Remember). But its also a fun, masterfully produced album that will transfix both past Andre fans and new listeners. Recorded in Iowa City, this is the real deal from the Black Godfather