Alice Cooper

Hay Y'all !!! Well....there wuz again...... standing at the foot of the stage where one of our earliest influences and outright heroes, ALICE COOPER, was doin' the deed. As always a GREAT PERFORMANCE. Alice's work has always been theatrical and the years have only honed the skills in his case. What I love most about Alice is that the whole thing is conveyed, not only with top notch music and musicians, but so much attitude that Ya can't look away even for a second. There's no blood and gore, no explosions...at least not in the HISTORIC TENNESSEE THEATER (one of the most beautiful old theater restorations on earth), just hard songs that roll right off the tongues of everybody in the house, involuntarily, and  ATTITUDE!!! As always Alice had a collection of musical geniuses backing him, but one in particular, ORIANTHI, caught our attention this time around. Besides being HOT AS HELL !!!.....she can play the DAMMIT out of a Guitar and has the credentials and resume of a Master. Aside from working with Alice, she has played with and opposite Steve Vai, and Carlos Santana and has backed such acts as Michael Jackson and Carrie Underwood. Those last 2 are notable because only the top insider musicians back acts of that magnitude. Song after song the Band and, of course, ALICE, worked the crowd over good. Dazed looks of satisfaction abounded, I reckon....and it could been some other influences at work as well to create those dazed looks :o)  Lonf and short is this.....ALICE has been giving us his all for well over 30 years and it just keeps getting better. If you get even half a chance to catch his Tour dates as they happen in your area, TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY. We hear he's gonna be pairing up with IRON MAIDEN for some shows, so keep your eyes peeled for that !!! Y'all enjoy the pics \m/
P.S.: There is a shot, in this 34 pic series, that shows one of the luckiest fans around, as she caught THE CANE !!!

















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