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Agent Orange


Another trip back to the OLD SCHOOL !!! Moe and I were slammin’ (moshin’ nowadays) to these guys back in the earliest days of their career, so it was with great pleasure that we attended this gig.


It was as expected. A very energetic, artistic, and literate crowd complimented and inspired by the most excellent Punk Bands ever. No matter how many times I see AGENT ORANGE, I leave wanting MORE, MORE, MORE !!! This band is crawlin’ around the country rippin’ heads off and takin’ names.


I realize that a good many of our readers were not a gleam in the eye of their parents when this movement came about, but it is a big part of the source of what we cover today.


Our very first incarnation of the magazine was actually called Twisted HillBilly METAL/PUNK.


The two genres are inseparable to anyone who witnessed the progression in those days and AGENT ORANGE was thick in the mix....and thank God, still are !!! From one tune to the next the crowd raged, screamed, smashed into one another (true moshin’) and held aloft the ever present middle finger.


In response AGENT ORANGE gave them one hell of 100,000% performance. I can go on for a month about these guys, but I’m gonna keep it short for print’s sake. Sufficed to say...."GITCHOASS out and SEE’EM !!!!!


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