Absolute Power


Off the cuff, we ended up at "Blue Cats Live" (our favorite venue) and caught a collection of local acts , and of course, we weren't sure what we would find. Then something amazing happened. That something was ABSOLUTE POWER. This band was unique. Their music was sophisticated, original, heavy and dark, with very interesting transitions and the ability to keep a song cohesive despite the transitions of which I speak. (continued)


The lyrics were understandable yet maintained the raw quality we like to hear with metal music. This wasn't just a "sound"; this was music. With most of our audience being more in the "world wide" bracket, we don't get the chance to review as many local bands as many people around here think, so what a fortunate turn of events on this particular Friday night, to encounter a diamond like Absolute Power, right under our very noses. These Hillbillies really liked what we saw and heard. I personally think these guys are ready for a main stage at any upcoming events they may take part in. If you get the chance , check out our "homies" ABSOLUTE POWER.

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