Weak 13

 Photos by Mark H.Roberts


Over the last 18 months a group of people in the West Midlands (United Kingdom) have got together to produce a music video for singer songwriter Nick J Townsend's underground act WEAK13. Their collective aim is to enter it in all the major music video and film competitions around the world to show off their work as film and music makers and to win the recognition of their work with awards, which are sure to follow. Craig Leonard, Producer and actor, from Kidderminster (UK), Chris Stone, Award winning Film Director, from Staffordshire (UK), and Nick J. Townsend, singer and songwriter aka WEAK13, from Stourbridge (UK), came up with the idea of working together after a chance meeting in a cafe to make a video together. After settling on a World War One theme, Nick put forward the most suitable track he had to meet the chaos of the film and the action involved. Craig Leonard then spent 12 months building the Trench set in a field in Kidderminster (UK) by hand, and recruiting people from the midlands and in the world of Historical re-enacting in the midlands to take part in it.

Filming was done over several weekends, in the most extreme weathers, over the winter months to maintain the realism. Everyone gave their free time to produce an outstanding film to show what could be done on a very limited budget by a group of professional enthusiasts from their respected fields. To put a value on this project, for another well known band to achieve the same results it would cost in the region of £250,000. The music video can currently be seen on You Tube and is about to be sent to film festivals around the world. The stunning special effects, realistic acting, wonderful art direction and powerful soundtrack have already got the attention of many. WEAK13's WAKE DOWN music video made its debut at the NEC Memorabilia show in Birmingham and amazed everyone in attendance.


Single available on Amazon, iTunes and emusic.

WEAK13 - WAKE DOWN (official music video)





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