Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, Truth Corroded brings a ripping thrash sound with a brutal force, and slashing lead guitars. This band is soon becoming one of my favorites in the playlist rotation and for good reason. This group is aggressive, loud, and in your face, fighting for its fast pace no nonsense metal message. Their new album Upon The Warlords Crawl is due next month and we can't wait to get a hold of it. If you don't gain a good case of whiplash from Truth Corroded you should hang up your horns!


Bio and Album Details

Complete album Details

In late 2007, Truth Corroded recorded the bands new full length album titled 'Upon The Warlords Crawl'. Recorded in Adelaide, South Australia and mixed and mastered at Black Lounge Studios in Sweden by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry, Carnal Forge, The Absence) this is the bands most accomplished recording to date and features some of the heaviest and fastest music since the bands inception.

The album features the following track listing:

1. Crown The Apocalypse
2. The Immolation Seen
3. Salute The Horrors
4. Decimate
5. Buried Alive By Demons
6. We Are Failed
7. When God Is Murder
8. (Dust)
9. The Waste That Is Their Word
10. The Disfiguring
11. Despair Your Black Earth (featuring guest vocals by Lee Gardiner - Double Dragon)

The album is scheduled for a March release in Australia through Truth Inc. Records (Double Dragon, Black Like Vengeance) with the band currently sourcing a label for release in Europe and the U.S. The album will appeal to fans of thrash acts such as Slayer, Sepultura, Testament and Dark Angel as well as new titans such as Lamb of God.

Truth Corroded will be making available the tracks 'Decimate' and 'The Immolation Seen' on the bands Myspace site as of February. Australian / New Zealand and Asian tour dates will be announced shortly. Bassist Greg Damon states that "This album is without question our strongest to date both in terms of song writing and production. It features the same line up as our last album (Jason North on vocals, Mark Lennard on guitar and Corey Grieve on lead) with the addition of our new drummer Liam Okninski. The new songs continue the thrash sound we are recognised for from our last album but have been taken to a new, more brutal level. Neurosis have always been an influence on the band and this album reflects that influence on songs such as 'Buried Alive By Demons' and 'Despair Your Black Earth', where as songs 'Crown The Apocalypse', 'The Immolation Seen' and 'The Disfiguring' reflect our thrash roots. As a consequence there is good balance between speed, heaviness and darkness"

Truth Corroded extensively toured Australia and Asia throughout 2006-2007 and supported International acts Lamb of God, Chimaira, In Flames, God Forbid and Dark Tranquility. For further details on the release of 'Upon The Warlords Crawl' and upcoming tour dates visit the bands Myspace page at www.myspace.com/truthcorroded.