We begin our Foundations of Metal series this month to archive some of the founding fathers of the great genre we call Metal. I cannot think of a more fitting band than one of the greatest metal bands of all time Judas Priest. At the Twisted Hillbilly we are all about new bands but it is our belief that we must never forget those that forged the path, and also I might add are still going strong. With that said throw your horns in the air to an all metal salute to Judas Priest.

Rising from the streets of Birmingham England in 1969 Judas Priest would attack the world in a blitz of metal that would span almost 40 years and going. Originally formed by the one and only metal God, K.K Downing on guitar and Ian Hill on Bass the group would complete their destiny with vocalist Rob Halford and Guitarist Glenn Tipton.

Judas Priest was a band that you could crank up and feel the thundering reverb coming thru the car speakers as you blasted down the road. Their live shows bring back good memories of raw screaming metal and the lovely smell of smoke, fire and the community joint in the festival seating crowd.

For those that have not had much exposure to the band the greatest of their work by far is the Sad Wings of Destiny. This their second album was released in 1976 and has some of the greatest metal guitars and vocals of all time. Halford is absoulutely at the peak of his biting metal voice. It is in fact considered by many to be one of the most influencial metal albums of all time. So turn up your volume kick back and explore the true roots of metal with us.

Also although we are not in the music sales business and are not affliliated as such, we put a link where you can purchase the album for only 9 dollars and some change. It is definitely worth that! You can probably also find it in your local record store if those still exist.


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