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K(nine) this months feature Hardcore band is by far one of the best unsigned acts we have run across at the Twisted Hillbilly in a long long time. Listen up you grubby record people and take notice. This band has power force, and wicked guitar licks backed by pure adrenaline guitars and slamming vocals. I am getting whiplash just thinking about the thundering thrash hardcore sound. There are not good enough words so kick back and take in the pure metal of K(nine). They have made the sacred number 6 slot in the car CD changer and I suspect will remain for a long time! We are looking forward to getting a full interview with K(nine) this month so keep an eye out as we update this article!

Hillbilly Moe




K(nine) started as a two man band in 2002. Espen an Magnus made their first demo the following year. "My Demise" featured guest vocalist Leo Morracchioli from Lowdown. In the spring of 2003, Jonas joined the band.
After this K[nine] found a new style to best use their skills. After starting their second demo the following fall, Ole joined. Bringing a more technical sound, changing the style again. Arvid joined the band January of 2005, bringing a tight aggressive edge to the vocal aspect. Then came March and the band was introduced to �rjan. He quickly became a part of the gang.
Considering three new members joined the band after starting their second demo, the band decided to start over. The second demo is due in December, and will be entitled: "Unleash the Power".The style of music can be defined as a hybrid between Nu Metal, Metal & Hardcore. This is some of their inspirations: Pantera, Slipknot, Ectomorph, My Dying Bride, Alice in Chains, Killswitch Engage, to mention a few.

K[nine] puts a lot of work in to their live shows, after all, the best way to experience music is LIVE. They hope to do some touring in 2006.
They have a saying that is going to take them places: "Be the best you can be at all times".


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