Generation of Vipers By Hillbilly Skip

Opening for Lordi and Type-O was a local act with a great sound and a lot of promise. “Generation of Vipers” is a Knoxville based band and they produce a very full sound for a 3 piece act. So impressed was Type-O and Lordi, that Generation of Vipers made at least three more opening appearances


that I am aware of. The vocals/ Lead Guitar are raw and hard with lots of expression and the Drummer and Bass player are not only talented, but appear very much at ease in front of what could only be described as a radically insane crowd at our favorite venue, Blue Cars Live. It is the recommendation of this Hillbilly, that ya’ll catch this band the very next time you see them advertised. They play in the Knoxville area on a fairly regular basis and can be found on Myspace.Heads up labels, I don’t think they are signed yet !!!!!!