Dawn of Ashes by Moe




What you get when you mix horror, electronic, and raw drive together is fantastically represented by Dawn of Ashes. This band is brilliantly stimulating both in sight and sound and back musical talent with a theatrical flare that will make them a must see for the Hillbillies.

I started out this review with a listen to Abyss which begins melodically and mysterically then begins to pound your brain in a horror filled trance.The sampling and engineering is unbelievably good and this band will be heard in the gothic and electronic circles for a very very long time. The song ends with a nightmare type fervor which will make you want to listen several times more. The bands album The Cryptic Injection is now available and if you like gothic/horror music you owe it to yourself to get this one.


Dawn of Ashes was formed in 2001 from the vile mind of :Khris:, creating this project with a wide form of hatred/horror/defacement of religion and visions of violence. The name was created to mean "beginning an end"; the birth of death and failure. Combining a taste of electronic music with more of an agressive and dark touch, which brings a vulgar / agressive feeling into the electronic music scene.

Through the years of progression and changes, both members Joey and Bahemoth came along to add more progress and to help the group move forward in the band's music career. The group was gaining more notice by the day.

In early 2005 they released their first demo "Sacred Fever" which caught German label NoiTekk's attention and later signed the group to the NoiTekk family. After a few months, USA label COP International and Russian label Gravitator decided to make a deal to sign DOA as well.

In September of 2006, the debut album "In The Acts Of Violence" got released throughout the world to bring darkness inside the fans. The album's success has brought a lot of attention and positive feedback to the band with its hit "Abyss".

In early 2007 Joey leaves Dawn of Ashes and female member Rayne joins. Now more will come along in the future for this project, so keep an eye out and prepare for the bloodbath. Please stay tuned for more to come...

"There is no greater hell than to be a prisoner of fear."
Johnson, Ben



"The Crypt Injection"

Type: Album
Label: COP International (USA), NoiTekk (Europe)