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Cutthroat Shamrock Live at the Valarium


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It was a great St Patty’s Day at the Valarium (Our favorite venue). The Main act was a “mountain grown” band called Cutthroat Shamrock and I’m tellin’ ya what; they were awesome.  The sound was Irish alright, but in a hard driving manner that I’ve not encountered before. I heard someone in the crowd mention “Flogging Molly” and while I appreciate their sound too, I would not venture to make the comparison. There was an element that was completely different with Cutthroat Shamrock. Even though the instruments were of the traditional acoustic nature, the sound was raw and rowdy with artistic accuracy and true musical ability apparent. Folks, they feel their music and the conditions don’t get no better for audience appreciation and true relationship to the crowd. The mixture of driving sound,  thumping rhythm, and the flair of Bagpipes (Yes; Bagpipes) , combined with the decadent bass lines caused a natural reaction; a mosh pit! Show me any other band on acoustic instruments that can create a mosh pit and I’ll bow to your better worldliness. In fact, I venture to say that putting electrified and enhanced instruments in these guys hands would be “hardcore punk” heavenly, though not at all necessary. This band also had a plentiful and radically loyal following. Ole Skip particularly likes the eye pleasing female contingent the band has in it’s wake. “Hillbetty Heaven” to a large degree, as the pictures should prove out. I had the occasion to have an coincidental encounter with one of our Myspace friends we had not previously met in person. She’s a really cool and smokin’ hot lady, from the Metal Mountain region,  with the amazing RED hair. (See if you can figure out which one I’m talkin’ about. Hint: not wearing glasses:)

I had the chance to talk briefly with Ben (Top Hat), my contact within the group, and he enlightened me on some of the evolution the band had been through, the way it all came together and the story could not have been more of an Appalachian scenario for how great things get started. The first line was, “We were all unemployed” (mountain code for “Professional Musicians) and coincidentally, it all kicked of on St. Patrick’s Day, some 5 years past. My hat is off to these guys for both their true musical talent and hard driving rowdy energy. We look forward to a’sit down” for further review of these fellas and their plans for the future. Do NOT miss Cutthroat Shamrock if you are presented with the opportunity to see them; that would just be an awful “Shame On You!”.


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