Gary Critical: screamer

Justin Enemy: 6-string, backing vox, gift of gab

Greg Disorder: 4-string, backing vox, smokey the bears worst enemy

Tank: beat box, beer, some more beer, and alot more beer



This month we were honored when Common Enemy an old friend of ours agreed to participate in our battle for the cover contest. Common Enemy is a band that has stayed true and righteous to the old ways of hardcore. In your face, uncompromising and thrashing their way into the archives of hardcore thrash history, this band will one day be honored among the greats of the genre. Common Enemy brings back good memories of a tooth I once lost slam dancing (thats what we fucking called it back then) at a Circle Jerks concert. Young and against the establishment (which I am still by the way) I fought for change. The sound of pure unadulterated biting violent music that brings a message of change and claws against the establishment. I hope you will take some time this month to click the link to the left and enjoy the sounds of a band that puts their soul into good old fashion hardcore! Also we are looking forward to our interview and cover article with Common Enemy next month so remember to check back on this fantastic band!

"We truely believe that this war is not fought for the right reason and that our government is more worried about what happens overseas then what happens here in our own country" Common Enemy

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