Common Interview

by Hillbilly Skip

This month Hillbilly Skip caught up with our Old Friends Common Enemy to get an update on what is going on with one of our favorite Hardcore groups.

Twisted Hillbilly Magazine

1) Who first "set you off" musically? (each of you)

Justin: Ozzy Osbourne “Bark at the Moon”  Randy Rhoads was the shit!
Gary: Has to be the Bad Brains banned in DC album and a fuck ton of early Beastie Boys.
Tank: I am gonna have to say ''Dead Kennedy's", they were truly the first band that caught my attention.  Meaningful lyrics, catchy tunes and the singer did some crazy antics.  Most importantly they have a song that describes me to a tee "To Drunk, To Fuck" … it’s true, I get that way sometimes, sorry ladies!

2) What's the biggest named line up you played with?

Tank:  Someone else answer this one, I can’t even remember what I did this morning.
Justin:  So many great bands, but I think the greatest lineup was Britney Spears, Back Street Boys, and Alvin and the Chipmunks!
Greg:  There’s been a bunch of sweet bands.

3) What/who inspired the song "Syphon and Destroy"?
Tank:  It totally sucks they put the new devices in cars to stop you from syphoning gas, now! BULL CRAP!
Greg:  Gas prices are outrageous.

4) What are the bands future tour / recording plans?

Tank:  To play your room, anytime!
Justin:  Yeah, our 3rd Euro tour was just announced and we will be working on some U.S. tours for 2008.  Just got done recording new songs for a 4 way split CD in Europe on Horror Business Records and a split with an amazing Japanese band called Everybody’s Enemy on 7” in the U.S. on Sick of Talk Records and CD in Japan on Teki Records.

5) What's the air speed of an unladened African swallow, accounting for a 4 knot cross wind?

Gary:  I think Tank might know this one.
Tank:  Damn, I use to know this one!
Justin: I only know the air speed of the European swallow.
Greg:  173 mph

6) Anybody married w/ kids in the band?

Gary:  ahahaha
Tank:  I use to be.  I had a stepson and everything.  The house with yard, blah, blah, blah!
Let’s just say I don’t miss those days.  That's right, ladies.  Contain yourselves.  I'll be in your town soon.
Greg:  Not married yet, but I have a daughter.
Justin:  Same here, but I have 2 kids!

7) Have any of you ever been arrested? (if yes, please elaborate; alot:) (each of you)

Gary:  Well, when I was 16 I got arrested for kicking the shit of somebody.  When… here’s a story… I was sitting on the trunk of my car hanging out listening to some music and reading a book, cop fucker comes up, yells at me, and tells me to leave, I refuse. Long story short he says put your hands behind your head and get off your car and points his gun at me. I go to court and he is no longer a cop in that township.
One more… When I was 19, I got busted for spray painting on the student union building at the university I previously attended.
Tank:  When I was underage for petty theft.  I did some boot camp crap and lots of community service.  Other than that, just really close calls.  You know, the classic cases of partying really hard and going into public.  Sometimes it’s not that pretty!  hahaha!
Greg:  Fuck that!
Justin:  No, you have to be smarter then the average bear, booboo.

8) What's the worst place you've ever played and why was it the worst?

Gary:  There is no worst…
Tank:  uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9) Ever had women get naked at your shows? (Just curious)

Gary:  Just for Tank!
Tank:  No, not really.  If you ladies want to go right ahead and get naked you don’t need my permission.  I play the drums, so I really don’t see shit anyway.
Justin:  Usually not at the shows, but always at the after parties!

10)  Which do you favor; the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum?  (there's a reason I ask, both are good answers)(each of you)

Gary:  .44…
Tank:  I'm gonna have to go with the .357.  Even though, both will get the job done!  Most people will shit there pants if you pull a .357 out on them.
Greg:  .44
Justin:  Neither

11) What's your favorite genre of music other than that which you play? (each of you) 

Gary:  Hip Hop
Tank:  I pretty much listen to everything that catches my ear from reggae, old hip hop, street punk, crust, power violence.  I can’t really just choose one.  I really miss the spice girls though!
Justin: I have to agree to Tank on this one!
Greg:  Punk / thrash / metal / hardcore

12) A lot of American bands cut their teeth in Europe or play multi-group tours on the way up; Any plans in those direction?

Tank:  Europe rules!  Those guys know how to party!  whooooooo!  absinthe!
Justin:  We are up for anything. 

13) Got any groupies ?  ;)

Gary:  Once again this is Tank’s department.
Tank:  Only the ones we keep in our basements.  We don’t consider them, groupies. They are all our friends and fellow partiers.
Greg:  (shouts…) TONS!

14) Anybody ever thrown up while playing?

Gary:  Hahaha…
Tank:  I throw up in my mouth sometimes, it sucks!  But whatever!  Party like a rockstar!
Greg:  Not that I can remember.
Justin:  Not while playing, but there was this one time that vomit flew along side of the van while moving.  It was in the Swiss Alps too, which made it even funnier!

15) Ever had to defend yourself onstage?

Gary:  Only from Justin when he is in heat.
Justin:  What can I say, Gary thinks he turns me on! 
Tank:  Nope!  Not that I recall, then again I'm in the back.
Greg:  Got tackled while playing in an old band.
Justin:  A lot of times it isn’t really defending yourself, but just making sure you don’t get thrown into your amp or the drums at a house show.  Let the good times roll…….

16)  When's your next gig and where?

Gary:  Myspace ( …that’s how I find out, because nobody tells me shit.
Justin:  We keep Gary in the dark on purpose!
Tank:  Can you repeat the question?

17) Ford, Chevy, or Dodge Truck? (Diesel or Gas?)

Gary:  Four wheels…and a board
Tank:  Anyone of those brands of cars will do, if I can afford them.  I prefer diesel if I had my way.
Greg:  yup
Justin:  Pontiac

18) Anything you wish to share that I haven't covered; mission statement, quote, salutation? 

Tank:  Beer is very nutritious.  It gives you a very shiny coat.  uhhhh!  Thanks to everyone that has supported us and partied with us.  We promise there will be plenty more opportunities to do so in the future.  Stop the war!  People need to drink more joose!  That's all I can think of right now!
Justin:  BUILD RAMPS, NOT BOMBS!  Now spread the disease!



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