Cecil Sizzlin

This page is dedicate to the memory of Cecil Sizzlin the meanest bastard who ever walked the dusty streets of the knob. Cecil was killed when he tried to shoot a man just for looking funny at a redlight. Luckily the other guy was a quicker draw. Whenever a mean guy dies on Metal Mountain till this day the saying goes "Catch up with Cecil in Hell"


Cecils Blog


November 2nd.

Now I have received some hate mail this month in regards to my attitude. I am going to tell you the same thing I told my fat mamaw that you can kiss my mountain cooled bare and hairy hillbilly ass. I am what I am an ole hillbilly that either likes you or don't and could give a rats ass if you don't like that. Now to all my friends let it be known that I appreciate your support and I am looking forward to snorting on the jug and a puff at the ole peace pipe next time you are around. An finally yes there are Hillbillys that love death metal!