,mAyin Aleph


This month I found a n intersting Metal/Rock artist from France known asAYIN ALEPH.  The music is definitely hard in form and the vocals range from an opera style to metal yells and melody. It is definitely lyrically sound, brilliantly written music matched with an artist that creates an entirely new genre. While it may not appeal to the more main stream metal crowd it is definitely new fresh and will be a force to be reckoned with. In the somewhat cookie cutter turnouts of metal I find this artist to be a true ground breaker. Ayin Aleph is the author, composer, arranger, singer; she plays the piano and harpsichord in her album as well. Lastly she is a stunningly beautiful woman who has a flare for the theatrical

Born and raised in Moscow, AYIN ALEPH started the learning the piano at the age of 4 and  was very quickly noticed by the great composer Dimitri KABALEVSKI, as one of the most promising virtuosos of her generation. At the age of 8, she performed her own piano pieces. In 1990, she left Russia and settled in Paris. Then she entered the Royal Conservatory of Bruxelles. In 1993, she entered the European Conservatory and worked with Igor Laszko,