40 Oz Fist

by Moe


Now if you have not noticed I have a fondness for the hard stuff. One of the hardest best bands I have found this month is 40 oz fist. This band will make you jump up and slam your fist into the wall with aggression. They have a hard crunching relentless guitar thunder backed by ripping vocals and a sound that is unique as it comes. I have become an big fan of this band because they grab that intangible thing that all bands look for and that is gut wrenching emotion in the listener and power rattling of your bones! They are also fantastic guys!


          Forty Ounce Fist is a six-piece punk ass death metal group hailing from "the brew city" Milwaukee Wisconsin. They play a fast paced blend of death metal, hardcore, punk, grindcore, and various styles of metal. They call it A.D.D. metal. The group formed in the summer of 2005 and never looked back. They worked hard on their debut release "Let's Fight About It" and were quickly picked up by Force5Records. They've played numerous shows thru out the midwest and have become know for thier energetic and violent stage presence. Most notably opening for Anthrax and Flaw. They're currently working on their sophomore release tentatively titled "No Need To Make A Scene" 

           "We are a steam roller forever gaining momentum. We have no plans of slowing down or stopping. We push a blend of politics and every day life in our message, and simply wish to convey unity doesn't have to be a cliché. 40 Ounce Fist makes music because we love it. We don't want to be rock stars or giant walking egos, we just love to get out there and get in the

40 Oz Fist Web Site

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